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Best Credit Cards
Best Credit Cards

Top three best starter credit cards for students

Getting a credit card, especially the first one, is considered a milestone for the financial lifespan of anyone. When you have more than hundreds of options on the market for credit card offerings, getting the best credit card is tricky and a fishing expedition that has to be undergone with your limited experience and exposure to the financial world. As a customer, you not only have to know the terms associated with picking the best credit card but also have to be prepared to compare the important determining factors such as annual fee, APRs, transaction fees, rewards, etc.

To make things easier for you and aid you in your credit card quest, here are some of the best credit cards that you can consider as a good starter based on your financial standing and your unique needs. They are ideal for any anyone including college students and applicants with a bad credit or no credit history.

  • BankAmericard Travel Rewards® Credit Card for students
    This starter card as the name suggests is for young adults who are in college, have substantial traveling needs, and very limited history on the credit front. The perks of this best credit card include no annual fee and have a reward of flat 1.5% points for each dollar spent without restriction on the type of transaction or purchases. The BankAmericard Travel Rewards® credit card does not carry any charges for any form of foreign transactions, and is not subject to the usual 3% or 5% foreign transaction fee that is charged by normal credit cards. If you spend $1000 for purchases within 90 days of the sanction of the card, then you are eligible for a 20,000-point bonus which translates to a benefit that is worth $200. The perks are even higher if you are already a deposit account holder at the Bank of America, because then, you would not only get the flat 10% bonus credited to your rewards, but also have another bonus between 25%-75% depending on your current level of preferred membership at the bank. Not to say, getting qualified for the 75% bonus would be of great benefit to hold on to this credit card for a very long time.
  • Discover It® card for students
    If you are a first time credit card applicant as a student, then Discover It® is more than an ideal choice because having no credit history or a limited one at the best does not hinder your chances of being approved for a credit card, as is the case with most credit card applicants, especially students. There are no annual fee charges on the card, and the cashback benefits offered are definitely on par with premium cashback cards, as you get a 5% cashback reward on different products which change with every quarter. Some of the most common categories eligible for these rewards are restaurants, gas, wholesale clubs, etc. Discover It® allows an exclusive offer by doubling the reward points on cashback at the end of the first year of credit card ownership, which can literally be calculated as almost 2% of cashback rate for the very first year. Just like Discovers premium and seasoned customers, the student credit card holder too is allowed the services of tracking their FICO scores because it can help them to make more informed decisions about their financial future. This is one of the best credit cards available for first-time users.
  • Journey® Student Credit Card from Capital One®
    This is an appropriate credit card choice for students and recent graduates who have a passion for traveling abroad. Most credit cards on the market, even the premium ones, have charges for foreign transactions or allow for only authorized foreign transactions, but Capital One® allows its users the liberty to conduct all their foreign purchases and transaction on the foreign soil free of charge as well as without any fear of a spiked up foreign fee. If you are a student who is studying abroad and need a financial back up for emergencies, whatever the situation, then this is the best credit card for you. The Journey® Student Rewards credit card does not carry an annual fee, and also gets you the flat 1% cashback points on all form of purchases with an additional 1.25% for those who keep up with bills on a timely basis. While most starter credit cards have certain limits on transaction but better reward point systems, this card is ideal for you if you do not have a pattern to spend and want a benefit across all types of purchases that you carry out.

While these three best credit cards are the top choices voted by a majority of the users based on the category it caters to and the benefits, there are other cards such as Discover It® Secured Credit Card, Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card that are available on the market with a few different variations in rewards.

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